Ikeda-no-sho Manor (池田荘)

Ikeda-no-sho Manor was a shoen (manor in medieval Japan) in Mino Province during the Heian and Muromachi Periods.
It was an estate of Imakumanosha Shrine


Ikeda District, Mino Province. Modern-day Ibi-gun, Gifu Prefecture. Ikeda-cho (Gifu Prefecture) was at its center.




The Ki clan, which had successively handed down the post of gunji (district manager) in Ikeda District during the Heian Period, developed the manor and donated it to Imakumanosha Shrine.

Feudal Lord

Ryoke (Lord of the Manor)
Imakumanosha Shrine
Betto (Chief Administrator of the Manor)
Ki clan (KI no Tomomitsu, etc.)


During the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, the family of Mino no Kuni Shugo (provincial constable of Mino Province), the Toki clan, became jito (manager and lord of a manor), and began expanding its control over the area which, by the time of the Onin War, had lost its function as a shoen.

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