Jijuden Hall (Palace Archive Hall) (仁寿殿)

Jijuden Hall (or Jinjuden Hall) was one of the halls of the dairi (Imperial Palace) in the city of Heian-kyo.

Situated almost at the center of the Imperial Palace, this hall was located north of the Shishinden Hall (Throne Hall), south of the Shokyoden Hall and east of the Seiryoden Hall.

In the early Heian period, this building was used as the everyday living quarters of emperor. It is for this reason that Jijuden Hall also had an ishibai-no-dan (lime altar) at which the emperor would pray in the direction of Ise-jingu and other shrines each morning.

After the emperor's residence was moved to Seiryoden Hall, Jijuden Hall was used for various events including Sumai no Sechie (the Imperial ceremony of Sumo wrestling), naien (private dinners) and genpuku (male coming-of-age ceremonies).

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