Kachuan Seiho Takeuchi Memorial Museum(霞中庵 竹内栖鳳記念館) (霞中庵 竹内栖鳳記念館)

Kachuan Seiho Takeuchi Memorial Museum is an art museum located in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

It is located in the garden of the second house of the modern Japanese-style master painter Seiho TAKEUCHI in Rakuseisaga, and it contained collections of approximately 1000 items including many paintings by Seiho TAKEUCHI, and also works by Chikkyo ONO, Bakusen TSUCHIDA, and Shoen UEMURA, who were from the Kyoto School.

Seiho is said to have used his taste in the creation of this Japanese circuit-style garden of approximately 9,930 square meters which borrows the scenery of Arashiyama and takes in the water of the Katsura-gawa River. Seiho's studio 'Kanchuan' (霞中庵) stands next to this memorial museum.

In 2003, these buildings and collections were sold to Volks Inc. for the reasons outlined below, and they are not open to the public today. None of the collection is currently on show.

Background of the change of hands:
Some of the collections were sold as a result of the bankruptcy of Kyoto Plaza Group, a hotel operator and the former owner of Kachuan.

Its land and buildings had been on the verge of being auctioned off, but after the plan was changed the trustee was looking for potential buyers. Among the few dozen offers, the sale to Volks Inc. was decided on the condition that Kachuan and the Seiho Takeuchi Memorial Museum in the same compound would be preserved, and Seiho's representative work 'Kinjishi' (金獅) and the other remaining collections containing about 70 items were handed over at the end of November 2003.

Kachuan and the garden are repaired and preserved, and the collections of paintings are stored in Seiho Takeuchi Memorial Museum but they are not open to the public.

Main collections (before the sale in 2003)

Seiho TAKEUCHI, "Gunkei" (群鵜), 1913
Chikkyo ONO, "Keichikushinnsei" (溪竹新霽), 1938
Shigaraki Otsubo (信楽大壺) (Shigaraki-gama (信楽窯), Muromachi Period)

Displays (before the 2003 sale)

Gallery A: Works of Seiho TAKEUCHI
Gallery B: Works of Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai (Organization of Japanese-type Paintings Creation)
Gallery C: Works of disciples of Seiho
Gallery D: Works from the Kyoto art world: Special exhibitions


Saga Tenryuji Wakamiya Cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto city, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8371


It is a seven minute walk from Saga Arashiyama Station on the JR Sagano Line. It is a ten minute walk from Randen Saga Station on the Keifuku Electric Railroad.

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