Kameoka Sports Park (亀岡運動公園)

Kameoka Sports Park is a park in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture that has a sports complex.

Probably because Kameoka-City is located near the center of Kyoto Prefecture, many city as well as prefecture-hosted athletic competitions are held here.

Kameoka Sports Park is a sports complex that was built for the Kyoto National Sports Festival held in 1988, consisting of gymnasiums, an athletics stadium, a baseball field, swimming pools, tennis courts, and various types of play equipment, and is used by a large number of visitors not only from Kameoka-City but also from outside Kyoto Prefecture.

Within the facilities, based on the features of Kameoka City's overseas sister cities, the park has a cute small building modeled after a Western castle, a pond with waterfowl, a large and heavy bell donated by Suzhou City in China, a Japanese dry landscape garden and so on, all of which are popular with the city's residents.

Also, the Cosmos Garden opens every fall near the park, and countless beautiful Mexican asters in a wide variety of colors entertain the garden visitors.

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