Kameyama-koen Park (亀山公園 (京都市))

Kameyama-koen Park is located in Sagakamenoo-cho Town, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City. Although its official name is Kyoto Prefectural Arashiyama-koen Park (Kameyama District), since it has the cremation mounds of three ancient Emperors including Emperor Kameyama on a hill there, it is commonly called Kameyama-koen Park. The area around this park is the so called Arashiyama District, which is full of tourists throughout the year, particularly in the cherry blossom season and at the time the leaves turn in autumn. With Tenryu-ji Temple to the east, and Okochi Sanso Villa to the north, this park is included on the Sagano sightseeing route.

It is close to Trokko Arashiyama Station of the Sagano Sightseeing Railway, and you can see tram trains running and enjoy the scenery of the Katsura-gawa River from its observation point.

At its south entrance facing the Hozu-gawa River there is a stone monument with an inscription of a poem called 'Uchu Ranzan' (literally, "rainy Arashiyama") written by Enlai ZHOU, the former Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, when he was studying in Kyoto so Chinese dignitaries often visit this monument when they come to the Kansai area, and many Chinese tourists visit here.

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