Kanjo-kofun Tumulus (a tumulus in Yuraku, Takatori Town, Nara Prefecture) (カンジョ古墳)

Kanjo Tumulus (also referred to as Yoraku Kanjo-kofun Tumulus) is a tumulus located in Yoraku, Takatori Town, Nara Prefecture. It is known to have the tallest stone chamber in Nara Prefecture.


The original shape and size of the tumulus was unknown because the northern part as well as the western part of the tumulus had been excavated. As a result of a research, the tumulus turned out to be a square tumulus of 36 meters on a side.

This tumulus is characteristic in having a horizontal stone chamber with ryosode-style (a stone chamber with the passage connected the center of the burial chamber wall) and with an extremely high ceiling for the burial space. The stone chamber floor was covered with sand flowed so the exact height to the ceiling was unknown.

However, the research conducted again in 2008 and the stone chamber proved to be 5.27 meters high (reported by Takatori Town Board of Education on August 5, 2008)
The stone chamber is taller than that of Ishibutai-kofun Tumulus (4.8 meters high), and considered the tallest in Nara Prefecture. The stone chamber turned out to be 3.7 meters wide and 6 meters long.

A parts of a miniature rice cooker which is often found in immigrants' tumuli as well as a silver ring were excavated from the stone chamber floor in this research.
Also, 15 centimeters mound, estimated to be a part of a bier, along with iron nails for a wooden casket were excavated from the center of the burial chamber

From the characteristics of the stone chamber and the excavated artifacts, the tumulus is estimated to be a tomb of a local leader who was a member of a powerful immigrant clan (the Yamatonoaya clan) between the end of sixth century and the early seventh century.

It was designated as a historic site by Nara Prefecture on March 30, 1976.

The stone chamber is off-limits, but you can observe it from outside of the iron door.

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