Kanzaki Seaside Resort (神崎海水浴場)

Located on the coast facing the Sea of Japan in Maizuru City in Kyoto Prefecture, Kanzaki Seaside Resort is blessed with scenic beauty. It is on the right bank at the mouth of the Yura-gawa River, a first-class river.


The gently sloping beach is approximately two kilometers long, and is one of the longest beaches on the Sea of Japan. This sea resort is famous for its scenic beauty, with beautiful pine trees along the long beach and white sand brought here by the Yura-gawa River which is a first-class river, and the beach and its surrounding area are designated as Wakasa Bay Quasi-National Park.

Before the beach opens each year, people of the nearby community volunteer to come out to clean the beach, where, at the side of pine trees, bloom a variety of flowers such as rugosa roses (local people call them 'hamanashi'), 'sasa-yuri' (Japanese lilies) and 'oni-yuri' (tiger lilies).

It is also known as a good fishing spot for sillagos.

The beach opens on July 1 every year.


From Tango Kanzaki Station on the Kitakinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line, it is approximately ten minutes on foot.

From Kyoto Station, the Limited Express Tango Discovery takes approximately two hours.

From the Maizuru-Nishi Interchange on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway, take National Route 27, then 175, and head for Kanzaki via the Nishikanzaki Kamihigashi Line of the Kyoto Prefectural Route 571.

From the Maizuru-Oe Interchange on the Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway, take National Route 175 towards Miyazu, then via Okawa-bashi Bridge or Yakumo-bashi Bridge head for Kanzaki on Kyoto Prefectural Route 571.



Maizuru Kanzaki Beach Tourist Office (舞鶴神崎浜観光協会): phone: 0773-82-5120


Minshuku (private homes that run an inn providing room and board): 11 facilities (total capacity: approximately 190 guests)


1000 yen per day

Public rest rooms and showers


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