Kawahara no Miya Palace (an ancient Imperial Palace where Empress Kogyoku lived in the middle of sev (川原宮)

Kawahara no Miya was a palace where Empress Kogyoku lived in the middle of the seventh century. It is generally called Asuka no Kawahara no Miya. It was reportedly located at the place of Gufuku-ji Temple (also known as Kawahara-dera Temple) now existing in Kawahara, Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture.


Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) describes that since Itabuki no Miya Palace was destroyed by fire in winter in 655, Empress Saimei moved into Kawahara no Miya Palace. In the following year (656), she built Okamoto no Miya Palace to move in, so Kawahara no Miya Palace is considered to have been her temporary Palace.

Later development

After the death of Empress Saimei, Kawahara no Miya Palace is deemed to have been changed to Kawara-dera Temple in the era of Emperor Tenchi, a child of Empress Saimei. In the early Heian period, Emperor Saga is said to have given the temple to Kukai. At the present time, the temple calls itself Gufuku-ji Temple on Mt. Buddha belonging to Shingonshu sect.

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