Kaya Steam Locomotive Square (加悦SL広場)

Located in Kaya, Yosano-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, Kaya Steam Locomotive Square is a facility run by Kaya Kosan Co. Ltd. to preserve and exhibit railway cars. It opened in September 1977 to exhibit mainly rail cars that were used by the Kaya Railway. It had been located in the place where Kaya Station used to stand, but since the company decided to sell its station site to former Kaya-cho in 1993, it moved the facility to the site where Oe Yama Kozan Station used to be, and resumed its business in November, 1996.

Opening Hours

Open: everyday throughout the year

April to October: 10:00 to 18:00

November to March: 10:00 to 17:00

Admission Fees

Junior high school students or older: \500

Elementary school pupils: \300

Preschoolers: free of charge

Steam Locomotives

Kokutetsu (Japanese Railway) 120-Type Steam Locomotive: Important Cultural Property

Kokutetsu 1200-Type Steam Locomotives 1250, 1265 (1200 series made by Kawasaki Dockyard): Former Nagano Dentetsu (Nagano Electric Railway)

Kaya Railway Kokutetsu 1260-Type Steam Locomotive

Kokutetsu C57 Steam Locomotive

Kokutetsu C58 Steam Locomotive

Toray 103 (a locomotive used at a factory of Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd., now Toray Industries Inc.)

Diesel Locomotives

Kaya Railway DB201

Kaya Railway DC351

Kanagawa Rinkai Railway DB202: Stationary but assembled properly and maintained ready to work

TMC 100-Type Motorcar: Stationary but assembled properly and maintained ready to work

Nippon Senbaikosha (Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation) Okayama KD-4 (a locomotive which was used on the company's dedicated line at Okayama Station)

Diesel Multiple Unit

Kaya Railway ki-ha-101: Stationary but assembled properly and maintained ready to work

Kaya Railway ki-ha-yu-ni 51

Kokutetsu ki-ha 08-Type diesel multiple unit

Kokutetsu ki-ha 10-Type diesel multiple unit

Passenger Carriages

Kaya Railway ha 21

Kaya Railway ha-bu 3

Kaya Railway ha 4995

Kaya Railway fu-ha 2

Kaya Railway ha 10

Kaya Railway Tokyu 3000 series electric train (First model): Train Cafe Joki-ya (a restaurant in a remodeled passenger car)

Electric Railcar

Kyoto City Streetcar Kyoto Transportation Bureau Narrow Track 1-Type electric car

Nankai Electric Railway Nankai 1201-Type electric car

Freight Cars

Enshu Railway to 404

Kara Railway wa-bu 3

Kokuketsu yo 2047

Kokutetsu ki 100-Type Freight Car

Kanbara Tetsudo (Kanbara Railway) track maintenance lorry


A rack cycle

Kokutetsu C20 Container

Kokutetsu C21 Container

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