Koga Family Land (甲賀ファミリーランド)

Koga Family Land was an amusement park located in the former Kosei-cho, Koka-gun, Shiga Prefecture (present day Konan City in Shiga Prefecture). The site it was located on is owned by Koga Conutry Club, and the facility was adjacent to the golf course of the same name.


The park included a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a Ninja house and the like, and at the time it opened, it attracted visitors from Shiga Prefecture and other prefectures as the largest amusement park in the prefecture. However, declining business results due to poor availability of public transportation to the mountainous area in which it was located resulted in the park closing down in 1985.

The rides and other amusements were left in place as they were; however, with the rising number of such abandoned facilities from the year 2000, there was an unstoppable tide of young people and the like entering the park without permission, whereupon the owners decided the park posed a hazard, and removed all the rides and amusement facilities. At present, only a portion of the buildings, now in ruin, remain on the grounds.


Opened: Approximately 1970

Closed: Approximately 1980

Main attractions

Ferris wheel



Children's steam train

Chain tower

Haunted house

Ninja house

Athletic fields and activities

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