Kyoraku-koen Park (共楽公園)

Kyoraku-koen Park is located in the center of the Naka-Maizuru area, which is placed almost in the center of Maizuru City in Kyoto Prefecture.


It is located on a small hill at a height of approximately 47 m above sea level.

Approximately 800 cherry trees, including Someiyoshino cherries and Yamazakura cherries, are planted all over the hill, and they bloom in spring so that the entire hill is covered in pink.

Aloha Zakura Cherry

After the Second World War, a second-generation Japanese-American at the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers purchased cherry saplings, with a fund prepared for his parents, to invigorate the devastated city and its citizens. However, instructed about a job relocation unexpectedly, he left Maizuru without any chance of planting them.

It is said that, after that, his colleagues and citizens of the city planted the saplings left at a railway station and the cherries have come to be called 'Aloha zakura cherry.'

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