Kyoshoden Hall (Palace Archive Hall) (校書殿)

Kyoshoden Hall was one of the halls of the dairi (Imperial Palace) in the city of Heian-kyo.

Situated in the southwest of the Imperial Palace, this hall was located to west of Shishinden Hall (Throne Hall) and to the south of Seiryoden Hall.

The Kurododokoro (Chamberlain's Office) was located in the north of the nishibisashi (western outer area) and the Kyoshodokoro Bureau which was responsible for the organization of documents was located in the south of the nishibisashi of Kyoshoden Hall. In the south of the Higashibisashi (eastern outer area) was the Ukon-no-Jin-no-Za which served as an office for Ukonefu (Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) officers.

Kyoshoden Hall was also called Fumidono Hall (lit. Document Hall) because it was where the administration of documents was conducted.

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