Kyoto City Archaeological Museum (京都市考古資料館)

Located in Imadegawa Omiya higashi-iru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto City Archaeological Museum specializes in archaeological materials. The museum, opened in November 1976, is a facility for holding events such as courses for cultural properties, in addition to having exhibitions centering on buried cultural property excavated within Kyoto City. Kyoto City Archaeological Research Institute both established and operates the museum with the goal of excavating, investigating and protecting cultural properties centering on Kyoto City.

In the museum, the artifacts themselves, replicas and photographs are classified into several categories, for example based on period or theme, each category being exhibited in a different section. Some exhibits can be touched and/or their photographs can be taken.

The building was used formerly as Nishijin Textile Hall and is designated as a registared tangible cultural properties of Kyoto City.

Major exhibits

A drawing depicting how the now lost Rajomon Gate looked
Changes in earthenware during the Heian period
A replica of a dwelling site in Jomon period (actual size)
Foreign crockery (from China, Persia, etc) excavated in the city
Bottles, earthenware, tiles, etc in the Open Corner, the section where the things exhibited can be touched.

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