Kyoto City Library (京都市図書館)

Kyoto City Library is a group of municipal libraries of Kyoto City.


There are twenty municipal libraries in Kyoto, including Chuo Library (the central library) and district libraries. A mobile library "Kojika-go" (literally, a fawn) stationed at Chuo Library travels round thirty-nine districts that once in a month.

Material of the libraries can be read and viewed by anyone free of charge. However, one needs a library card to borrow material. By presenting the library card, each individual can borrow up to ten items (two items of audiovisual materials) for up to two weeks. To return material, one can simply bring the material to any one of the libraries, except for audiovisual material which should be returned to the library from where one rented them.

Search and reservation of material online has been available since 2006 for those who have a registered library card and a password.


1950: A mobile library "Aoitori-go" (literally, a bluebird) was launched. 1951: Kyoto City Community Education Center was set up. 1952: Yamashina Branch of Kyoto City Community Education Center was set up. 1964: A mobile library "Kojika-go" was launched ("Aoitori-go" was retired). 1970: A mobile library second-generation "Kojika-go" was launched. 1973: A mobile library "Rakuto-go" (literally, eastern Kyoto) was launched. 1974: The mobile library third-generation "Kojika-go" was launched. 1978: Sakyo Branch of Kyoto City Community Education Center was set up. 1979: Minami Branch of Kyoto City Community Education Center was set up. 1981: Kyoto City Chuo Library was set up; Kyoto City Community Education Center was turned into the Shimogyo Library; those three branches were turned into Yamashina Library, Sakyo Library, and Minami Library; and the Shimogyo Library and Kita Library were set up. 1982: Daigo Library, Ukyo Library, and Higashiyama Library were set up. 1985: A mobile library fourth-generation "Kojika-go" was launched; Nishikyo Library was set up. 1986: Mukaijima Library was set up; a mobile library "Tachibana-go" (literally, a mandarin orange tree, a sacred tree) was launched ("Rakuto-go" was retired). 1987: Rakusai Library and Fushimi Chuo Library were set up. 1990: Kuga no Mori Library was set up. 1992: Kisshoin Library was set up; five-generation "Kojika-go" was launched. 1995: Iwakura Library was set up. 1997: Daigo Chuo Library was set up. 1998: Kuze Fureai Center Library was set up. 1999: Kosodate (literally, child rearing) Library was set up. 2002: The mobile library "Tachibana-go" was retired; the six-generation "Kojika-go" was launched; Kyoto City Library official website was opened. 2003: Fukakusa Library was set up. 2006: Reservations by the Internet became available.

List of the Libraries

Note: The mobile library and the Fukakusa Library require different procedures for use than from those of other libraries.

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