Kyoto Mukomachi Keirin Velodrome (京都向日町競輪場)

Kyoto Mukomachi Keirin Velodrome is a keirin velodrome located in Mukomachi City, Kyoto Prefecture. The owner of the facilities and main sponsor of the races is Kyoto Prefecture. The operator is Nihon Zitensha Kyogikai (Japan Cycling Association) Kinki Branch. Its Keirin Velodrome Code for telephone purchases of betting tickets is 54. The commentator is Hisashi TAKIGUCHI.


When the velodrome opened in 1950, it was named Mukomachi Keirin Velodrome after the municipality, 'Mukomachi.'
Its name remained the same even after the town became a city on October 1, 1972, but later in September 1986, it was changed to the current name.

The Heian Prize' takes place at this velodrome as a memorial bicycle race, (ranked as a Grade 3 (G3) race in the Keirin race rating) but the race for the second term in September, 1965, which was the 15th year anniversary, was canceled due to a typhoon. Out of the Grade 1 (G1) races in the Keirin race rating, the Yomiuri News Cup All Japan Selection Keirin was held in 1987 and out of the Grade 2 (G2) races in the Keirin race rating, the Furusato Derby in 2003, as well as the Kyodo News Service Cup Keirin in 2007, took place.

The Katsuaki MATSUMOTO Prize commemorating Katsuaki MATSUMOTO, who won the unprecedented 1341 races and whose home track was at the Kyoto Mukomachi Keirin Velodrome, takes place here. As its mascot is 'Mukorin Mucchi,' a race named after the character, called the 'Mukorin Mucchi Prize,' is also held.

Most of the velodrome facilities were constructed between the late 1950's and the early 1960's and had become too old. Also, as there was little prospect for the business to recover, it was required to be put under review if it should continue. Kyoto Prefecture set up a reviewing committee with Kansei Gakuin University Professor, Atsuhito TANAKA as a head. The report says that in the first meeting, the vast majority of opinions regarding its continuation were negative and that there were some who wished to turn it into a soccer field.

Racing Track
The track used here is 400 meters in circumference. As its straightaways are rather short, this track is mortar-shaped, but not as much as the Nara Keirin Velodrome. Because of this, forereachers have a slight advantage in this track whereas the third cyclist in the line often faces unfavorable developments during the race.

Get off the train at Mukomachi Station on Tokaido Main Line, JR West, or at Higashimuko Station on Hankyu Kyoto Main Line, Hankyu Railway. From each station, it takes about eight minutes by free shuttle bus.


Giblets udon noodles,' in which Japanese wheat noodles in broth are topped with cooked giblets, are sold at many restaurants inside the velodrome, and this is the dish chosen as the best gourmet food at velodromes in a magazine called Bessatsu Takarajima 270 'Keirin Makuri Dokuhon' (All about keirin). Some restaurants serve the dish with konbu (a kind of kelp used for Japanese soup stock). Also, it can be found at some restaurants at Otsu Biwako Keirin Velodrome.

Major Home Riders
Yoshihiro MURAKAMI
Hiroyuki INAGAKI

The Chronological Order of the Memorial Keirin Winners

A chronological list of the memorial keirin winners after April, 2002 when the current system of four days in one term started.

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