Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University (立命館大学国際平和ミュージアム)

Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, was established by Ritsumeikan University and its theme is "Peace." It is located on the Kinugasa campus of the university (in Kita Ward, Kyoto City). The honorary director is Ikuro ANZAI, a professor in the international relation department of the university. The director is Tomohiko TAKASUGI who was vice president of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University until March of 2008.


The museum was established in 1992 to embody "Peace and democracy," the educational and academic philosophy of Ritsumeikan University and to further build up the accumulations of education for peace and of research for peace.

The first director was Shuichi KATO, a critic and writer.

The second director was Ikuro ANZAI, a professor of the international relations department of the university.

The facilities

At the entrance, a relief of "HinoTori" (Phoenix) from Osamu TEZUKA's manga products and a "Wadatsumi-zo sculpture" are placed. At Ritsumeikan University, a gathering called "fusen no tsudoi" (anti-war gathering) is held on December 8, the day when the Pacifica War started, in front of "Wadatsumi-zo sculpture."

With the 'fifteen-year war' and 'modern war' as the theme, life environment in Japan in the war are restored, atomic bombing of Kyoto, said planned by the American air force, is simulated, and materials related to modern war including that in the cold war era and to efforts for peace are exhibited, all on the permanent basis.

A room for 'Media materials concerning international peace' and an exhibition room for the theme of "Towards peace" were built additionally in 2007.

The museum is open to the general public, and is visited by students in school excursions as well.

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