Maizuru Shinkai Park (Maizuru Sea Park) (舞鶴親海公園)

Maizuru Shinkai Park (Maizuru Sea Park) is a park in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. A free parking area is available.

This park was built in cooperation with the Kansai Electric Co., Inc., and newly opened in the Chitose Area of Maizuru City on August 3, 2004. This park has a 120-meter-long embankment for fishing, where people enjoy holidays with their families, because it is equipped with a safety fence around it. It also has 'Shinsui Pond' (literally a pond for enjoying water) to which sea water is supplied.

At Maizuru Power Plant's PR Hall 'El Mar Maizuru' which is modeled after a luxury ocean liner, you can enjoy Japan's first planetarium. It also has other facilities, such as a hall for learning about energy generation, and a museum of ocean liner history.

Summary of the main facilities

Fishing village restaurant 'Kaisenraku' (海仙楽): open 10:00 - 21:00: closed on Wednesdays

Market of local products

Shinsui Park (Sea Park)

Gogan Park (fishing area)

Maizuru Power Plant's PR Hall 'El Mar Maizuru'

Planetarium (admission fee is required for the planetarium only)

Hall for learning about energy generation

Museum of ocean liner history

Parking area


From Nishi-Maizuru Station or Higashi-Maizuru Station on the JR Maizuru Line, the Nishi Oura Bus takes you to this park in approximately 20 minutes.

From the Maizuru-Higashi Interchange on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway, approximately 20 minutes by car.

Local scenic spots and cultural facilities

Maizuru Fururu Farm

Maizuru Natural and Cultural Park

Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum

Maizuru Crane Bridge

Matsuo-dera Temple (Maizuru City)

Kongo-in Temple (Maizuru City)

Maizuru Shisei Kinenkan (Maizuru City Commemoration Hall): a group of twelve brick warehouses

World Brick Museum

Maizuru Wisdom Warehouse

Goro Sky Tower

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