Maizuru Wisdom Warehouse (まいづる智恵蔵)

Maizuru Wisdom Warehouse, called "Maizuru Chiegura" in Japanese, is a cultural facility in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. It features cultural exhibitions and art galleries on the Maizuru Port waterfront. It opened in April 2007 as the third red brick warehouse reused by Maizuru City authorities.
The cultural facility is housed in a reused red brick warehouse which was originally built as the Maizuru Naval Arsenal Bullets and Rifles Warehouse in 1902.

Inside the facility there are galleries which utilize its grand inner walls and a section showing Maizuru City's cultural assets.

In restoring this red brick warehouse the outer appearance at the time of its original completion was recreated following the specifications of the blueprints held by the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense.
Inside the Building

There are 7 areas.

Exhibition on the Red Brick Warehouse Restoration
A freight-car shunting vehicle, a diorama of the country along the restored Japan National Railways (JNR) Naka-maizuru Line, and materials connected to the old Naka-maizuru Line are among many things exhibited here.

Red Brick Galleries

Galleries utilizing the building's inner walls and having a combined total length of 220m
Exhibition on Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) from the Itoi Bunko Library
Dozens of Ukiyoe and other prints relating to the Tango region are exhibited here, chosen from about 2,200 materials in the Itoi Bunko Library, a municipally-designated cultural property.
Historical and Cultural Exchange Area
Treasure University (a space for research, meetings, the performance of studies, etc.)
Days Closed
Every Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the facility is closed the following day instead), also December 29 to January 3
Building Profile

Name of Building

The Former Maizuru Naval Arsenal Bullets and Rifles Warehouse

Completion Year

Structure and Scale
Two-story building made of brick and in part wood

Approximately 10m tall, 10m wide, 72m long

Building Area


Total Floor Area

1039-12 Aza Kitasui, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture 625-0080
15 minutes walk from Higashi-Maizuru Station on the West Japan Railway Company Maizuru Line
Nearby Places of Interest
Red Brick Warehouses
The Maizuru City Commemoration Hall (to the immediate east)
The World Brick Museum
Maizuru Port
Yushiodai Park
The Navy Memorial Museum

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