Makimuku Katsuyama-kofun Tumulus (a tumulus in the Makimuku-kofun Tumuli Cluster in Sakurai City, Na (纒向勝山古墳)

The Makimuku Katsuyama-kofun Tumulus is an ancient tomb belonging to the Makimuku Katsuyama-kofun Tumuli Cluster.


Location: Aza Katsuyama, Higaida-cho, Sakurai City
Buried person: Unknown
Time of Construction: The early first half of the Kofun period (Tumulus period)
Tomb shape: A large keyhole-shaped mound (no fukiishi [layer of stone covering the soil over a burial mound], no haniwa [clay figure])
Size: Approximately 110 meters in full length, the back circular part approximately 60 meters in diameter and approximately 7 meters in height, the moat around the mound approximately 25 meters in width.

Burial spot: Details unknown because of no investigation made.

Unearthed goods: Excavated mainly from a shugo (a surrounding moat).

Wooden sword handles
Tools for religious service such as tanks
U-shaped wooden products (excavated from a constricted spot of the shugo)
Haji potteries (Furu 0-type earthen vessels)

Method of Measuring the Age from Tree Rings

May 30, 2001. The Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Archaeological Center measured the age of Japanese cypress boards excavated from the mud at the constricted spot of the shugo at the fourth research, and as a result, it was made clear that the original tree is presumed to have been cut down about in 210 at the latest.

Before measuring the age from tree rings, the age criterion was determined by the unearthed Furu 0-type earthen vessels based on the chronology of earthen vessels. The date estimated by the chronology is before or after 300.

Buried person
Newspapers say that one theory suggests that it could be a Himiko's father's tomb.

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