Makishima-jo Castle (槇島城)

Maishima-jo Castle was once located in Makishima-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is written as 槙島城 or 填島城.


In the past, there was a big pond/swamp called Ogura-ike Pond at a place near Uji in Yamashina Province, and Makishima was an island in the pond. A gozoku (powerful group) called the Makishima clan was deeply rooted there, building a castle. It was Makishima-jo Castle. In 1573, Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA on the government side took up arms against Nobunaga ODA, and took refuge in Makishima-jo Castle counting on Akimitsu MAKISHIMA who was a bakufu bugyoshu (group of magistrates). Nobunaga entered Kyoto immediately, and sieged the castle, forcing Yoshiaki to surrender (the battle of Makishima-jo Castle). After that, Yoshiaki was forced to retire to Wakae-jo Castle in Kawachi Province, and the Ashikaga bukufu both in name and reality perished. After Yoshiaki left, Naomasa HARADA and Yoshihiro IDO became the masters of the castle, but after Fushimi-jo Castle was constructed, its strategic value diminished, causing the castle to be abolished.


No relics remain. Only a stone monument is placed there.


Ohata, Makishima-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture


The station nearest to the site: Uji Station (on the JR Nara Line)
The bus stop nearest to the site: the 'Makishima' bus stop on route 111 of Keihan Bus

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