Muro no Obaka Tumulus (室大墓古墳)

The Muro no Obaka tumulus is a keyhole-shaped tumulus, located in Gose City, Nara Prefecture, which was constructed in the first half of the middle era of the kofun period (tumulus period).
It is also called 'the Miyayama tumulus' or 'the Muromiyayama tumulus.'


The length of the tumulus is 238 m.

The haniwa (unglazed terra-cotta cylinders and hollow sculptures arranged on and around the mounded tombs [kofun]) for a quiver placed on the round part of the tumulus is 147cm in height and max. 99.5cm in width.

The location

The burial facilities

For the stones for the ceiling, ocher rhyolitic welded tuff is used, and crystalline schist, such as chlorite schist and graphite schist, is used for the stones for the walls. The crystalline schist is rocks and stones in the Kino-kawa River, and the rhyolitic welded tuff is welded tuff called Himeji acidic rocks widely available in Kakogawa City and its vicinity of Hyogo Prefecture.

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