Nihon no Oni no Koryu Museum (Japanese Oni Museum) (日本の鬼の交流博物館)

Nihon no Oni no Koryu Museum (日本の鬼の交流博物館) (Japanese Oni Museum) is a museum featuring Oni (demon) legends, and is located at the foot of Mt.Oe in Fukuchiyama City (former Oe-cho, Kasa-gun), Kyoto Prefecture.

Mt. Oe has three Oni legends. It was opened at a deserted copper mine in April 1993 in an attempt to use these legends to trigger "machi-okoshi" or revitalizing the town's economy. It is a one storied reinforced-concrete (RC) structure, with its exterior depicting strong and challenging Oni, occupying 639.81square meters. It houses 'Oni no Koryu Hall' at its center with a seating capacity of 200, and its surrounding corridor contains displays. The displays are arranged in four different areas.

What are Oni?'
There are displays of dolls, masks and paintings on folding screens used in performing arts both nationally and internationally.
It illustrates the many facets of Oni, such as: 'Enshrined Oni': 'Oni and Buddha': 'Oni in Shinto music and dances': 'Oni in our everyday life': 'Oni running away from us': 'Oni and folklore.'

The Three Oni legends of Mt. Oe'
Picture scrolls containing legends of capturing and punishing Oni in Mt. Oe are on display.
(Refer to sections on Mt. Oe and Shuten-doji)

History of Onigawara (Japanese gargoyle roof tiles) in Japan'
There are about 50 Onigawara (including replicas) with signatures, in chronological order from the 7th century Asuka Period to today.

Chibikko Oni' (Oni for children)
Toy masks of Oni, picture books, and picture story cards are on display. It has a library corner and a video corner.

In the front yard of this museum stands Japan's biggest Onigawara, which is five meters tall and ten tons in weight, made by Nihon Onishi no Kai (Japan Onigawara Artisans Association).

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