Oi-no-sho Manor (大井荘)

Oi-no-sho Manor was a shoen (manor in medieval Japan) existed in Mino Province during Nara and Muromachi Periods. It was an estate of Todai-ji Temple.


Anpachi District, Mino Province,
The vicinity of modern-day Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.


About 517.22ha as of the late 10th century.


In 756, Emperor Shomu presented the manor to Todai-ji Temple.

During the Kenmu era, the divided guardian deity of Todai-ji Temple, Tamukaiyama Hachimangu Shrine, was transferred to the manor (present Ogaki Hachiman-jinja Shrine).

Feudal Lord

Todai-ji Temple
The actual ruler was the Onakatomi clan, a descendent of kaihatsu ryoshu (local notables who actually developed the land) ONAKATOMI no Nobukiyo, but the clan collapsed due to an internal conflict during the Kamakura period.


It is possible that the manor declined under the dominance of the Toki clan who served as Mino no Kuni Shugo (provincial constable of Mino Province),


Like Atsumi-no-so Manor, it also paid its nengu (land tax) in silk.

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