Otaminami Gogo-kofun Tumulus (大田南5号古墳)

Otaminami Gogo-kofun (No.5 kofun) Tumulus is a rectangular tumulus built in the first half term of the middle Kofun period, located in Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture (straddling former Yasaka Town and former Mineyama Town).


Located at the center of the Tango-hanto Peninsula, it is considered to have been built on a hill of 82 meters above sea level in the last half of the fourth century. Close to it lies the Shinmeiyama-kofun Tumulus (the largest keyhole-shaped tumulus on the Sea of Japan side).

Shape and Size

The rectangular tomb is 12 meters wide and 19 meters long.

Burial Facility

Assembled stone coffin

Funerary goods

A mirror and an iron sword were placed in the coffin.

The mirror was placed near the upper right of the head of the deceased. The mirror is a Mirror with an TLV Pattern and a Four Sacred Animal Design with an inscription, 'Seiryu Sannen' (third year of Seiryu, or 235) (Seiryu, or Qinglong is the name of the era of the Emperor Ming of Wei Dynasty of China). Before this mirror was discovered, the oldest ancient mirror had been the mirror with the year inscribed as 'Sekiu Gannen' (first year of Sekiu, or 238) (Sekiu, or Chiwu is the name of the era of the Emperor Da Di of Wu Dynasty of China) which was excavated from Toriibara Kitsunezuka-kofun Tumulus in Ichikawa Misato Town in Yamanashi Prefecture.

About a dozen teeth of the deceased


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