Owari-zukuri style (an architectural style of shrines characteristic of the Owari region) (尾張造)

Owari-zukuri style is one of the architectural styles of shrines in Japan.


Owari-zukuri style refers to a symmetrical architectural style in which the Honden (main shrine) at the back, the Saimonden (liturgy hall) in the middle, and the Haiden (a hall of worship) at the front are connected by cloisters, and is characteristic to Owari Province.

Existing architecture

Masumida-jinja Shrine
Tsushima-jinja Shrine
Owari Okunitama-jinja Shrine
Takakura-musubi-miko-jinja Shrine
Hikami-Anego-jinja Shrine

Past architecture

Atsuta-jingu Shrine

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