Rakuraku-so Hotel (楽々荘)

Rakuraku-so is a hotel using the former Gentaro TANAKA's residence in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture. The western style building built in 1899 and the Japanese garden designed by seventh Jihe OGAWA are famous.

In around 1897 to 1906, Gentaro TANAKA, who was the founder of the Kyoto railway company (present Sanin Main Line) and a member of Kizokuin (the upper house of the Imperial Diet under the Constitution of the Empire of Japan), reformed the house where he was born into the present form.

A brick-made western style building was constructed in 1899 as his main residence, with a Japanese shoin-style building as the guesthouse. The approx. 2,149 square meters walk-through garden with a dried pond and water-spring in front of the western style building and the Japanese style building was designed by seventh Jihe OGAWA (Ueji), and stone lanterns and iron wells in the Azuchi-Momoyama period was brought here from Kameyama-jo Castle.

Since 1948, it has become the 'Hozugawa Kanko Hotel Rakurakuso' (Rakuraku-so Hotel for Hozugawa sightseeing), and now the second floor of the western building is used for guest rooms, the first floor for a café restaurant and the garden for another café and for weddings. The place is lit up in the night.

Summary of the buildings

The completion of the buildings: 1903 to 1906
The duration of the building work: approx. five years
The western style building: made of wood, two stories above ground, bricks.
The Japanese style building: made of wood, one story, shoin style
Location: 44 Kita-machi, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture
Remarks: The three buildings of the western style building, the Japanese style building and the entrance hall were designated as tangible national cultural properties (registered in 1977).

JR Sagano Line: Get off at Kameoka Station and walk for seven minutes

Its surroundings
Anao-ji Temple: No. 21 pilgrim stamp office of the 33 Temples of Saigoku
Kongo-ji Temple
Obata-jinja Shrine
Galleria Kameoka (a mall)

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