Sakutei-ki (descriptions of garden designs) (作庭記)

Sakutei-ki, written during the Heian period, is the oldest book concerning gardens in Japan. It was called 'Senzaihisho' (literally, secret short notes on front gardens) until around the middle of the Edo period. In this book, the means by which to design and construct gardens for Shinden-zukuri style (architecture representative (characteristic) of a nobleman's residence in the Heian period) are described. However, it has no drawings and the content is all in writing. There are many theories about who wrote it and when it was written. At present, it is an accepted theory that the book was written by TACHIBANA no Toshitsuna, and it was included as "Sakutei-ki" by TACHIBANA no Toshitsuna in volume 23 of "A collection of philosophical thoughts in Japan" published by Iwanami Shoten, Publishers.

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