Sandanike-koen Park (三段池公園)

Sandanike-koen is a park located in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.

It was built as a place for the people of the city to stroll around, centering on an irrigation pond, and was made by Tadafusa MATSUDAIRA who was a lord of the Fukuchiyama clan. It is a comprehensive park with a walking trail of about 1.3 km around the pond, and various facilities in the neighborhood. It covers 55.9 ha.


A teahouse on the pond.

A Circular Arena
An outdoor stage for various events.

Trim Action Space, Play Space, and Open-air Space
Equipped with a mini adventure playground and play equipment for children.
A field for camping and local athletic meets

Multi-purpose Gymnasium
It is equipped with a main arena, sub arena, training gyms, meeting rooms, and art studios, and is also used for fairs or as an exhibition arena. It provides the starting and finish lines of Fukuchiyama Marathon.

Tennis Court
A clay court. The All-Japan, All Western Japan, and the Kansai region tournaments of soft tennis are held on this court.

Multi-purpose Field
It is equipped with a pitch for soccer, two fields for baseball, and goal posts for rugby matches.

Lawn Field (Large grassy field)

Science Museum for Children
It provides various hands-on displays to learn science with. It contains a planetarium.

It is a zoo that houses mainly small animals.
People can touch goats, rabbits, and a gibbon named 'Kenroku.'
Admission is free for Sarugashima (also referred as Saruyama, monkey mountain).

Fukuchiyama City Urban Greening Botanical Garden
It houses a greenhouse (called 'Small Terra') for carnivorous plants, cacti, and oriental orchids.
It also has 'Green advisory office.'

Shiroyama (literally, castle hill)
The site of Izaki-jo Castle are used on this hill. It overlooks the city area and there are cherry blossoms in the spring.

Inabayama Kofun Tumulus

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