Shioji Plaza (しおじプラザ)

Shioji Plaza is a seaside park on the beachside of Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. The construction of the first section was completed in 1993.

Shioji Plaza is a park on the beachside, close to the center of Higashi-maizuru district. About 3,000 flowers and trees such as tsutsuji azaleas and satsuki azaleas have been planted in the area of approximately 3,500m² from Sanjo-dori Street (disambiguation) to Gojo-dori Street.

Many people enjoy taking a walk and viewing the trees and flowers in the park. Also the park has bronze sculptures and benches. When the weather is good, one can enjoy the view of Maejima Wharf and ferries depart and arrive by as well as the mountains in Oura Peninsula over the sea, which has been a good spot to relax for many people.

Also in the center of the park, there is a monument of a large anchor, which was built before World War II to moor a beacon. The monument weighs about four tons, and was borrowed from the Maritime Self-Defense Force and placed there by the city as the symbol of the park.

There is a landing place on the quay for Maizuru Port Pleasure Boats which cruise Maizuru Bay.

Incidentally, there is a plan to install a pedestrian overpass connecting the park to Maejima Wharf, which has a ferry landing place, as the second phase of the construction, however, the outlook for the construction is still uncertain.

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