Shoryuji-jo Castle (勝竜寺城)

Shoryuji-jo Castle was a castle that existed in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture between the the Northern and Southern Court and early Edo periods. Its name comes from a historic old temple nearby of the same name Shoryu-ji.


In 1339, Yoriharu HOSOKAWA who was a Hokucho supporter built this castle to confront the Nancho army that was moving towards Kyoto. Since the location was strategically very important, with Saigoku Kaido to the west, Koganawate to the east, and good transportation provided by the Yodo-gawa River to the south, many military lords battled for the castle later in history. In the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States), Mototsune HOSOKAWA of the HOSOKAWA clan held it, and later, Tomomichi IWANARI, a chief retainer of the MIYOSHI clan, became its owner.

In 1571, Yusai HOSOKAWA (the adopted son of Mototsune), who was given land at Nishioka in Yamashiro Province by Nobunaga ODA, became its owner, and renovated it into a formidable castle with a double moat. Recent excavations have revealed some remains such as those of tamon-yagura tower.

In 1582, Mitsuhide AKECHI, a relative of the HOSOKAWA family, made it his base for the Battle of Yamazaki, but eventually it fell. Later, it became dilapidated after its rocks were used for building Yodo-jo Castle.

In 1633, in the Edo Period, Naokiyo NAGAI was assigned to this castle (domain of Nagaoka in Yamashiro Province), and he did some renovation, but it was deserted in 1649 when he was transferred again to the domain of Takatsuki in Settsu Province.


In 1992, the remains of Honmaru (the castle keep) and Numatamaru (Numata area) were transformed into Shoryu-ji Castle Park, and towers were built in the style of the originals. The dry moat and earthworks remain from the original site at Kotari-jinja Shrine to the north-east of the castle.

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