St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Nishijin (カトリック西陣聖ヨゼフ教会)

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Nishijin, is located in Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City.


1890: St. Francis Xavier Church (Kawaramachi Church) was built by La Societe des Missions Etrangeres de Paris.

Around 1907: The Nishijin Church (St. Joseph's Church) was established in Nijo-Shinmachi. It was the second Catholic church in Kyoto.

Later, it moved to Omiya-Shimodachiuri.

1909: Moved to Kuromon-Nakadachiuri.

1917: Closed temporarily.
(Until around 1930)

1930: Moved to Ichijo Agaru, Shinmachi and then to Omiya-Sasaya-cho.

1935: Moved to Omiya-Nakadachiuri.

1937: The Prefecture Apostolic of Kyoto was separated from the Archdiocese of Osaka
A missionary of the Mary knoll mission arrived at the church to take his or her new post.

1939: Moved to the present site (in Ichijo Agaru, Shinmachi-dori Street).

1941: Closed due to the war.
(Until 1946)

1946: The Kinugasa church and the Koyama church became independent of the Nishijin church.

1949: The present church was built. The completion of the church was celebrated - 8.15.

1951: The Prefecture Apostolic of Kyoto became Catholic Kyoto Diocese. The first Bishop of Kyoto was Bishop Furuya.


502-1 Ichijoden-cho, Ichijo-dori Street Agaru, Shinmachi-dori Street, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City 602-0934

Ten minutes on foot from Imadegawa Station of the Karasuma Line of Kyoto City Subway.

Five minutes on foot to the south from the 'Kamigyoku Sogochosha' (Kamigyo-ku Ward General Office) bus stop of Route 59, 201 or 203 of Kyoto City Bus.

Five minutes on foot to the east from the 'Ichijo Modori-bashi' bus stop of Route 9, 12, 50, 61 or 67 of Kyoto City Bus.

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