Sumitomo Kakkien (住友活機園)

Sumitomo Kakkien is a historical building located in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The structure is a representative mansion of the late Meiji period and, the retirement residence of Teigo IBA, the 2nd hereditary President of the Sumitomo zaibatsu (pre WWII business conglomerate). Sumitomo Kakkien is located at 10-4 Tanabe-cho, Otsu City.

Teigo IBA retired here in 1904 and passed away here in 1926. The meaning of the Japanese kanji used for the 'Kakki' part of 'Kakkien' is 'even in a life apart from the real world, we know the subtleties of human nature'. Consisting of Western-style house, Japanese-style house, and gardens, 6 buildings and grounds of Kakkien were designated Important Cultural Property in 2002 by virtue that 'it is a rare example that completely conveys the style of a late-Meiji era mansion'. The property is owned by Sumitomo Forestry and managed by Sumitomo Realty. Various companies within the Sumitomo Group contribute to operation and maintenance costs.

Cultural Asset

Important Cultural Property
Western-style house
- Designed by Magoichi NOGUCHI and built in 1904.
Japanese-style house
- Designed by Jinbee YAGI and built in 1904.
New tatami room
`- Built in 1922
East Store
`- Built 1904
Western Store
`- Built 1904
Main Entrance
`- Built 1904
Lands (residential area and mountain forest area).
Designated as a tsuketari: Tea house, Azumaya (square gazebo), Chinju-do Hall (a guardian god hall)

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