Taga Steam Locomotive (SL) Park (多賀SLパーク)

Taga Steam Locomotive (SL) Park was at one time the SL Hotel that was located at Binmanji, Taga-cho, Inukami-gun, Saga Prefecture.


At the time there was a boom in establishing SL Hotels: this one starting operating in 1976. It was located nearby the Tagataishamae Station, Omi Railway Taga Line. A Japan Railways D51 Class Steam Locomotive (D51 1149) and 3 carriages of a B Sleeper (JR 10 class carriages) were located at the site and used as accommodation. To mark the opening, Omi Railway issued a commemorative ticket depicting the scene when the carriages were brought from Hikone Station to Tagataishamae Station (Taga Station at that time) by an Omi Railway electric locomotive.

The hotel closed in the 1980's. Afterwards the carriages as well as restaurants in the same location were left as they were but, the carriages were disassembled in December 1995. Currently only the steam loco remains and is falling into disrepair.

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