Takakura-rikkyo Overpass (高倉陸橋)

Takakura-rikkyo is an overpass located on the east side of Kyoto Station. It is commonly called 'Takabashi' (literally, Taka Bridge). It is also called 'Takakura-kosenkyo Bridge' (literally, Takakura Bridge over a railroad). This bridge and Horikawa-dori Street (also known as Aburakoji-dori Street) outside Kyoto Station connect the Karasuma-guchi Exit (Kita-guchi Exit (North Exit)) and Hachijo-guchi Exit (Minami-guchi Exit (South Exit)) of the station. Kyoto City Streetcar Fushimi Line used to run along the center of this bridge.

From the direction of Takeda, it ran under the overpass of Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train), went uphill towards the east along the Shinkansen railroad, and went downhill crossing over the conventional railroad. The nearest intersections to the station are two-block apart north to south: Takakura-dori Street and Shiokoji-dori Street on the Karasuma-guchi Exit side, and Takeda-kaido Road and Hachijo-dori Street on the Hachijo-guchi Exit side.

Long-established Kyoto ramen noodle shops, Daiichi Asahi head restaurant and Shinpuku Saikan restaurant stand side by side at the foot of this bridge on the Shiokoji-dori side.

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