Terado Otsuka-kofun Tumulus (寺戸大塚古墳)

Terado Otsuka-kofun Tumulus is situated in Nishinooka (Muko-kyuryo Hills), Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is a keyhole-shaped mound built in the early Kofun (Tumulus) period.


The Terado Otsuka-kofun Tumulus is one of the tumuli in Muko-kyuryo Hills. It appears to have been constructed in the middle of the early Kofun (tumulus) period. It is slightly tilted west with a pit rock chamber in both the front square and the back circular part. A triangular-rimmed mirror excavated in the tumulus seems to be in an isomorphic relationship with the one from the Tsubai Otsukayama-kofun Tumulus. This suggests that the one who was buried in the Terado Otsuka-kofun Tumulus may have been a subject of the person buried in the Tsubai Otsukayama-kofun Tumulus.

Most of the front part is lost as earth has been added to the bamboo forest.

At the top of the mound there is an eight meters square site lined with haniwa clay figures, immediately below where the stone chamber lies.

The tumulus has an offering place for Haji pottery.

Size and Shape

The total length of the tumulus:
98 m
The height:
9 m
The frontal width
47 m
The diameter of the back circular part:
57 m

The burial facilities

The frontal part has a pit rock chamber with 5.2 m in length, 1 m in width and 1.3 m in height.

In the back circular part there is a pit rock chamber with the length of 5.6 m, the width of 0.8 m and the height of 1.6 m.

Burial Goods

The Frontal Part
Mirror with a band of animal patterns in relief
Triangular-rimmed mirror with three deities and three animals encircled by a band of animal patterns
Mirror with geometric patterns and the four spirits
Kotoji-shaped stone products
Cylindrical beads

Bronze arrowheads
Iron arrowheads
Iron axes
Iron sickles
The Back Circular Part
Triangular-rimmed mirrors
Small containers with lids
Magatama (comma-shaped beads)
Stone bracelets
Cylindrical beads

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