The Kids Science Museum of Photons (きっづ光科学館ふぉとん)

The Kids' Science Museum of Photons which is located in Kansai Science City is the first science museum for photons in Japan. It was established in 2001. While 'Kizzu' of the museum's name derives from 'Kids (children)' and the name of the location 'Kizu,' 'Foton' from 'Photon' which means photon.


This museum takes up as a theme 'Light' which is something familiar to human beings but full of wide-ranging wonders, so everybody can experience wonders of the light and enjoy and learn the basic nature of the light to the state-of-the-art technologies that utilize the light. There are exhibits on the history and scientific technologies of light and also a full dome video projection hall where visitors are allowed to participate in and experience attractions through puzzles and so on. There is also a 'Laser lab' where demonstration experiments, etc. on light are conducted and workshops where manual work can be done, and so on.

During spring and summer holidays, special events are held, where scientific technologies, experiments/manual work on light which cannot be dealt with in the permanent exhibits can be experienced. The museum keeps a science club for elementary school pupils and junior high students, where full-year group research activities and so on are conducted.


Mondays (except for National Holidays/substitute public holidays on Monday, in which case the museum is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday instead)
Year-end holidays (December 28 - January 4)
In addition, temporary closure may take place.
9:30 - 16:30

Those in groups are to be 20 or more. Free admission may apply for infants and those in tours as part of school education.


Approx. one-minute walk from 'Kizu-minami Soleil'
From Kintetsu Nara Station
Approx. 12-minute ride on Nara Kotsu Bus 'for Kamo Station (Kyoto Prefecture)' or 'for Kunimidai 8-Chome'
Get off at Nara Station of the West Japan Railway Company
Approx. 14-minute ride on Nara Kotsu Bus 'for Kamo Station' or 'for Kunimidai 8-Chome'
Get off at JR Kizu Station (Kyoto Prefecture)
Approx. 15-minute ride on Kizu-cho Junkai Bus 'for Umedani'

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