The Kyoto Hotel, Ltd (京都ホテル)

The Kyoto Hotel, Ltd., with its head office in Nakagyo-ku Ward of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a company that runs hotels. Its main facility 'Kyoto Hotel Okura' is a long-established leading hotel in Kyoto.

Kyoto Hotel Okura
Kyoto Hotel Okura has its origin in Kyoto Tokiwa Ryokan which was founded at Kawabata-dori Street Nijo-dori Street by Matakichi MAEDA, a businessman of Kobe, in 1888. Maeda bought from the government the vacant lot (Kawaramachi-dori Street Oike-dori Street, where the hotel stands now) of the defunct Kangyo-jo (the Commercial and Industrial Promotion Center), where he had Dai Nippon Construction (now Taisei Corporation) construct a Western style wooden hotel building 'Tokiwa Hotel' and started business in1890.

Yoshitaro INOUE (井上喜太郎) bought Tokiwa Hotel in 1894, and in 1895 he resumed the operation of the hotel when the ceremony of the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Heian-kyo (the ancient capital of Japan in current Kyoto) was held. In 1928, the new ferroconcrete seven-storey building, designed and constructed by Shimizu Corporation, was completed.

He started constructing the 'Kyoto Hotel Oike Honkan,' a sixty-meter high rise building, in December 1991 under a Comprehensive Design System, and completed it in 1994. There was persistent opposition against the rebuilding of the hotel saying it would destroy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto, and heated debates took place about it.

In 2001, Kyoto Hotel decided to tie-up with Hotel Okura as one of its management restructuring measures, and became a member of Okura Hotels & Resorts in 2002 and renamed the main building 'Kyoto Hotel Okura.'

Summary of its Facilities

Establishment: March 6, 1895
Address: 537-4 Ichino-funairi-cho, Nijo Minami-iru, Kawaramachi-dori Street, Nakagyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone: 075-211-5111
Number of guest rooms: 322
Beverage service facilities: 11
Banquet facilities: 13
Operated by the Kyoto Hotel, Ltd.

Financial information
The Kyoto Hotel, Ltd. was founded in 1927.
In October 1969, listed on the Kyoto Stock Exchange; and in March 2001, listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange (following the merger of these two markets)

Nichirei Corporation had been assisting with management as the largest shareholder since 1977; and in January 2005, Hotel Okura obtained the majority of stocks to become the top shareholder.

Affiliated Hotels and Ryokan (Japanese style inns)

Karasuma Kyoto Hotel (Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City)

Awata Sanso Villa (Higashiyama-ku Ward, Kyoto City)

Takatsuki Kyoto Hotel (Takatsuki City): Initially, it was run by 'Takatsuki Hotel Jitsugyo Corporation' founded by the Kyoto Hotel in 1988.
Opened: December 23, 1990
Liquidated: June 30, 2000
Operated by 'Takatsuki Hotel Development Corporation' today. It is one of the affiliated hotels of Kyoto Hotel.

Closed Affiliated Hotels
Shiga Kogen Hotel: Opened in January 1937
Kyoto Hotel was given the management of 'Shiga Kogen Onsen Hotel' in trust by Nagano Prefecture. Spun off to be independent on June 30, 1960.
Renamed 'Shiga Kogen Hotel, Ltd.'
Closed in 1999. Liquidated on December 21, 2000.

Hotels that Used to be Affiliated with the Kyoto Hotel
Ibaraki Kyoto Hotel: Opened in 1992
It was sold to an investment firm, Asset Managers Holdings Co. Ltd. in March 2004. In June of the same year, MBK Operators established by Asset Managers Holdings took over the hotel, and entrusted its management to JAL Hotels which renamed it 'Hotel Nikko Ibaraki Osaka' today.

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