The Kyoto Takarazuka Hall (京都宝塚会館)

The Kyoto Takarazuka Hall is a general name for Toho chain theaters (Kyoto Takarazuka Theater, Kyoto Scala-za) formerly located in Rokkaku, Kawaramachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Its abbreviation is 'Keiho Kaikan'.


October 1935: Opened under the name of the Kyoto Takarazuka Theater. At the beginning, the theater offered a double billing consisting of a theatrical performance and a film showing. The inaugural performance was the Takarazuka Revue titled "Flower Anthology" performed by the Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe. The seating capacity was 1452 seats.

October 1945: Requisitioned by the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers.
Its name was also changed to 'Stateside Theater.'
The Japanese were forbidden to enter the theater as an audience.

July 1952: Derequisitioned. It reopened as a road show movie theater for foreign films.

August 1956: In a new extended building, Kyoto Scala-za opened as a first-run movie theater for foreign films. The seating capacity was 802 seats.
At that time, these theaters came to be collectively called 'the Kyoto Takarazuka Hall.'

November 1962: The Kyoto Takarazuka Theater became a Toho chain of first-run movie theaters for Japanese films

July 1971: Reopened after being remodeled.

September 2005: The closing down of the theater was announced.

January 28 and 29, 2006: The last event titled 'Thanks for the lights of Kawaramachi' was held in cooperation with Kyogoku Toho, an event that brought the curtain down on its 70 years of history. The last movies shown in the theater were "Seven Samurai" and "City Lights." Kochi Toho1, 2 and 3', which belonged to the same Toho chain cinemas and was located in Kochi City, was also closed down on the same day.

April 25, 2008: The Complex Commercial Establishments called 'Mina' opened at the site where the Kyoto Takarazuka Hall had used to be.

Characteristics of each theater

The seating capacity is on the date of closing.

Kyoto Takarazuka Theater
Seating capacity: 588
Specialized in Toho chain Japanese films. First belonged to the Hibiya Cinema chain and secondly to Toho Cinemas Nichigeki chain. It screened a new movie almost once a month.

Kyoto Scala-za
Seating capacity: 507
Always screened foreign monumental films distributed by Toho chain cinemas. First belonged to Toho Cinemas Yurakuza chain, secondly to Nihon Gekijo Theater chain, and thirdly to Nichigeki 1 chain.

In the last state, the both theaters supported Dolby Digital and Digital Theater Systems.

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