The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (MOMAK) (京都国立近代美術館)

Located in Okazaki-koen Park, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (MOMAK), is an art museum operated by the Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art. The building was designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Fumihiko MAKI (and Kiyohide SAWAOKA, a chief architect of Maki and Associates).

While containing an overview of the whole of modern art in Japan, MOMAK places particular emphasis on collections and art exhibitions in the western regions of Japan especially in Kyoto, such as Japanese-style paintings of the Kyoto School and Western-style paintings, and also it has a large collection of art works, such as the ceramics of Kanjiro KAWAI and dyed textiles.

1963: The auxiliary building of The Kyoto Municipal Exhibition Hall for Industrial Affairs was refurbished and reopened as 'The Annex Museum of The National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto.'
1967: It became independent as 'The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.'
1986: It was extended, with the completion of a new building. 2004: MOMAK's management was transferred to the Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art.

Significant works:
Reclining Nude (B) by Narashige KOIDE
Knitting by Chu ASAI
Back Street Advertisement by Yuzo SAEKI
Flower Basket by Takeji FUJISHIMA
Evening Scene of Cherry Blossom Viewing by Kagaku MURAKAMI
Looking up at the Rainbow by Shoen UEMURA
Seaside Rocks(海辺巌) by Taikan YOKOYAMA
Reiko Playing the Shamisen by Ryusei KISHIDA
Plum Grove in Shimosoga, Kanagawa by Heizo KANAYAMA
Half-naked by Ryuzaburo UMEHARA
Seated Woman by Sotaro YASUI
Ladies by Ryohei KOISO
Distant View of Mt. Fuji, Autumn View of Kankakei by Tessai TOMIOKA
Hariti (the goddess of childbirth and children) by Insho DOMOTO
Young Ducks by Seiho TAKEUCHI
Oharame by Bakusen TSUCHIDA
Blossoms(花) by Heihachiro FUKUDA
Huangshan in the Clouds, Huangshan in the Rain by Matazo KAYAMA
Cormorants by Kunitaro SUDA
280 km/h by Kumi SUGAI
Still Life-Palette, Candlestick, and Head of Minotaur by Pablo PICASSO
Composition by Piet MONDRIAN

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