The Yorimasa-zuka Tumulus (頼政塚)

Built on a small hill in present day Nishi-Tsutsujigaoka-cho, Kameoka City, the Yorimasa-zuka Tumulus is the Kubizuka (tomb of the head) of MINAMOTO no Yorimasa of the Tada-Genji (Minamoto clan), who died an untimely death towards the end of the Heian period. It is said that the body of Yorimasa who died in a battle at Uji was not buried here, because the Tanba Yada-go Village was of all his territories the nearest to Uji. However, it is unclear whether this is correct or not. It is said that in the Edo Period, a local priest doubted its existence, excavated the tumulus, and found a stone coffin there. Now, Tsutsujigaoka Elementary School, Kameoka City is located adjacent to the tumulus.

There is a Yorimasa-zuka crossing on National Route 9 in Joboji, Shino-cho, Kameoka City, and a Yorimasa-zuka Bus Stop where Keihan Kyoto Kotsu buses stop.

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