Tomb of Anjuhime (安寿姫塚)

Anjuhime is well known from Ogai MORI's novel 'Sanshodayu,' and she rests in the Tomb of Anjuhime. It is located at the foot of Takebeyama-jo Castle which is in the west side of Nishi Maizuru, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.

After escaping from the home of Dayu, Anjuhime died from fatigue and hunger on her way to Kyoto on the steep road connecting Nakayama (Kasa-cho in Maizuru City) and Shimohigashi, and is said to have been buried by the nearby village people in respect.

A night festival at the Tomb of Anjuhime is held on a Saturday around the July 14 anniversary of her death, and the neighborhood has been illuminated by candles in recent years.


From Shinonome Station on the Kitakinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line it is approximately 30 minutes on foot.

From Nishi-Maizuru Station on the Maizuru Line run by the West Japan Railway Company, it is approximately 15 minutes by taxi.

From Maizurunishi Interchange on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway it is approximately 13 km.

From Maizuru Oe Interchange on the Trans-Kyoto Expressway it is approximately 10 km.



Maizuru Tourist Office (舞鶴観光協会)in the Attractive Town Group of the Industry Development Office, Maizuru City (舞鶴市産業振興室まちの魅力づくりグル-プ): phone: 0773-66-1024


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