Tsuboi Remains (坪井遺跡)

Tsuboi Remains are the series of remains from the mid to the late Yayoi period, located across Tokiwa-cho, Kashihara City to Daifuku, Sakurai City.


Remains of water well and series of tombs have been discovered from the site.

Two sets of wooden coffin have been discovered, which contained the bones of a person in each coffin.

Large number of earthenware, stone implement, wooden products and animal bones have been excavated from the site.

Furthermore, some wooden pieces of sword's grip end imitating a copper-made sword have been discovered.

History of the archaeological researches

In 1974, Archaeological Institute of Kashihara operated the research of Tsuboi Remains. After the completion of this research operation, Sakurai City Board of Education succeeded the research for further investigation.

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