Tsukida no oka (the Imperial Mausoleum of the Emperor Suizei in Nara Prefecture) (衝田岡)

Tsukida no oka is the imperial mausoleum of the Emperor Suizei located in Aza Tanotsubo, Shijo Town, Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture.

Tsukida no oka is originated in the middle volume of Kojiki (the Records of Ancient Matters). According to Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), the name of the imperial mausoleum is Unebi no yama no Ushitora no Misasagi.

In Engishiki (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers), it is called Tsukida no Okanoe no Misasagi (also called Tsukayama-kofun Tumulus) located in Takaichi County, Yamato Province. It is a round mound with a diameter of 16 meters.

As the location had been unknown since Heian period, it was likened to be the Mausoleum of Emperor Jinmu at the organization of imperial mausoleums at the end of Edo period, or from Genroku era, however, over Meiji period, it was revised and authorized to be the Mausoleum of Emperor Suizei, and repaired in 1878.

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