Tsukisara no Ki (system of stockades) (都岐沙羅柵)

Tsukisara no Ki (tsukisarasaku, tokisara no ki, tokisara saku) (system of stockades) was a josaku (official defense site) in Koshi Province during ancient Japan. The josaku is known to have existed in 658, but other than that, it is not known where was located and when it was established and abandoned.

It was described in the entry for July 4, 658 of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) that many emishi (people living in the northern part of Japan at that time) came to the capital and were given official ranks and gifts. At that time, government officers on the Japan side were granted prizes as well, and tsukisara no kinomiyakko (a kind of government official) was conferred a rank of Ifutashina (the 18th position in the 19-level positions of the government officials) (位2階) while his matsurigotohito (hogan) (a person at the official hogan position) was given the rank of ihitoshina (the lowest position in the 19-level positions of the government officials) (位1階). This is only the record that mentions Tsukisara no Ki.

It is surmised that the tsukisara no kinomiyakko and matsurigotohito played certain roles in ABE no Hirafu's northern navigation, which led to the visit to the capital by emishi. It is also known that Tsukisara no Ki was located in Koshi Province on the Japan Sea side. However, nothing is known other this. There are many theories regarding the exact location such as between Nutari no Ki (system of stockades) and Iwafune no Ki (system of stockades), both in present-day Niigata Prefecture, around the border between present-day Niigata Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture and in the Yuri area in Akita Prefecture. There is also a theory that it is another name for Iwafune no Ki (system of stockades), but none of these theories have positive evidence.

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