Umekoji-koen Park (梅小路公園)

Umekoji-koen Park is located across Kankiji Town, Hachijo Bomon Town and Umekojikashira Town in Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City.

This comprehensive park of Kyoto City was constructed, commemorating the 1200-th anniversary of the movement of the capital to Heian, at the former site of Umekoji Station of Japan Freight Railway Company, which was moved to another site in March 1990. With a land space of 117,133 square meters, it was opened on April 29, 1995.

In addition to a large lawn area, a central square, Inochi no Mori (a natural habitat area), the Suzaku no Niwa Garden and facilities, such as Midori no Yakata (the House of Green), tram cars used by Kyoto City Trams are kept there as well.

The vast premises are sometimes used for various events (such as Green Fair, circuses and the Kyoto Music Expo) as well.

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum is located adjacent to this park.


By Train and on Foot
Tokaido Main Line, the Karasuma Line of Kyoto City Subway, or Kintetsu Kyoto Line: Approximately 15 minutes to the west of Kyoto Station.
The Sanin Main Line: To the south from Tanbaguchi Station
By Car
Meishin Expressway: Approximately 15 minutes to the north from the Kyoto Minami Interchange

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