Yanagimoto-kofun Tumulus Cluster (a Tumulus Cluster in Yanagimoto Town, Tenri City) (柳本古墳群)

Yanagimoto-kofun Tumulus Cluster is a tumulus cluster of early Kofun period (tumulus period) in Yanagimoto Town, Tenri City. It is also called Oyamato Yanagimoto-kofun Tumulus Cluster, collectively with Oyamato-kofun Tumulus Cluster. To the south is Makimuku-kofun Tumulus Cluster.


This cluster is on the peripheral of southern hills across a valley between Oyamato-kofun Tumulus Cluster. It includes two huge tumuli surrounded by middle and small sized keyhole-shaped mounds. Andonyama-kofun Tumulus is the main tumulus, with three subordinate tumuli, Yamato Tenjinyama-kofun Tumulus, Andoyama-kofun Tumulus (120 meters), and Minami Andoyama-kofun Tumulus (65 meters). In the south are Shibutani-kofun Tumulus as the main tumulus with Uenoyama-kofun Tumulus Cluster (125 meters) and Shiurozuka-kofun Tumulus (120 meters), and in the west are tumuli including Yanagimoto Otsuka-kofun Tumulus (94 meters) and so on.

Mausoleums following Oyamato Yanagimoto-kofun Tumulus Clusters are Sakitatenami-kofun Tumulus Cluster (the west cluster) in the northwest of Nara Basin, separately from southeast of the basin. It is thought that the sovereignty moved.

Main Tumuli

Keyhole-shaped mounds
Kurozuka-kofun Tumulus (also known as Kurotsuka-kofun Tumulus) (127.5 meters)
Andonyama-kofun Tumulus (242 meters, alleged to be the Mausoleum of Emperor Sujin)
Yamato Tenjinyama-kofun Tumulus (113 meters)
Shibutani Mukoyama-kofun Tumulus (300 meters, alleged to be the Mausoleum of Emperor Keiko)
Candy-wrap (keyhole shape with one more handle) shape mound
Kushiyama-kofun Tumulus (150 meters)

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