Yojiya (よーじや)

Yojiya is the name of a company, with its head office in Kyoto City, dealing in Japanese cosmetic products, typically facial oil blotting paper, and also its brand name. The name of its primary product Aburatorigami, is one of the most reputed brands of facial oil blotting paper in Japan.


In 1904, it opened a store at Rokkaku-dori Gokomachi-dori Street in Kyoto City under the name Kunieda Shoten. Later the store was moved to Kayu-koji Street in Shinkyogoku-dori Street, and the name changed to Yojiya. This trade name 'Yojiya' was derived from toothbrushes called 'Yoji' which were sold in the store as one of its primary products at that time, when 'Yojiya-san' became the store's nickname familiar to many people. Yojiya stores are currently operating mainly in Kyoto, selling approximately 320 cosmetic products and its original beauty goods, such as cosmetic brushes, hand mirrors, and face lotion.

It had long stopped manufacturing its original cosmetic products after the Second World War until 1993, when it launched its original beauty goods, and in 2000 it started manufacturing and sales of basic skin care products. The president personally takes part in product design which uses mainly three colors: Empire red, black, and white. It places particular emphasis on Empire red which is the company color of Yojiya, intentionally treating the color differently from regular red.

List of Yojiya Stores

Main Store in Shinkyogoku
Gion Store
Ponto Cho Store
Sanjo Store
Sagano Arashiyama Store
Kyoto Hotel Okura Store
Kiyomizu-Sannenzaka Store
Ginkakuji Store
Daimaru Kyoto Store
Kinkakuji Store
Kyoto Station Store
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Store
Narita International Airport Stores (Fa-So-La Tax Free Stores)
Kansai International Airport Stores (two Yojiya corners in the duty free shopping area)

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