Yorakukansuzuka-kofun Tumulus (a tumulus in the late Kofun period in Takatori Town, Nara Prefecture) (与楽鑵子塚古墳)

Yorakukansuzuka-kofun Tumulus is a tumulus in Takatori Town, Takaichi County, Nara Prefecture, which was constructed in the late Kofun period (tumulus period). It is a historic site designated by Nara Prefecture.


Yorakukansuzuka-kofun Tumulus is a round barrow with a diameter of 24 meters and a height of 7 meters, which is located on the southwest hilly area of Mt. Kaifuki. The horizontal stone chamber with katasode-style (a stone chamber with passage connected the side in the wall of the burial chamber) opened to the south is verified. The burial chamber is 4.15 meters long, 3.15 meters wide and over 4.5 meters high, and the passage part is over 2 meters long, 1.4 meters wide and over 1.4 meters high.

Since excavation research has not been conducted, artifacts are not discovered, but it has been thought that the tumulus was constructed in early years in the late sixth century.


It is pointed out to be characterized by its extremely high burial chamber, and the tumulus is considered as a tomb of a clan with a very strong power similar to Kanjo-kofun Tumulus which is about 200 meters to the south.

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