Yuminoki-jo Castle (弓木城)

Yuminoki-jo Castle was a castle in Tango Province (present-day Iwataki, Yosano-cho, Kyoto Prefecture).

The Inatomi clan built the castle at the end of the Kamakura period, and made it their residence for generations.

During the Warring State period, Yoshisada ISSHIKI, a child of Yoshimichi ISSHIKI, was attacked by Tadaoki HOSAKAWA. Consequently, Yoshisada moved from Takebeyama-jo Castle to Yuminoki-jo Castle. From the following year, the Hosokawa clan repeatedly attacked the Yuminoki-jo Castle, but the lord of the castle, Sukenao INATOMI continued to repel them with a small force. He kept on resisting until Yoshisada ISSHIKI was murdered by the Hosokawa clan. It is said that the castle was relinquished as a result of peace negotiations after Yoshisada's death.

The castle is categorized as yamajiro (a castle built on a mountain to take advantage of the mountain's topography), and the ruins of kuruwa (walls of a castle), a karabori (a dry moat) and dorui (earthen walls for fortification) remain.

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