Agon Shus Hoshi Matsuri (阿含の星まつり)

Agon Shu's Hoshi Matsuri is a religious event organized by the Agon sect on February 11 of every year as the "Fire Rites Festival/Agon Shu's Hoshi Matsuri" in the precincts of Honzan (main temple) of Agon sect in Omine-cho, Kita-kazan, Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. In addition to live telecast on February 11 every year with Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited as the key station, articles on the event are introduced in main newspapers, Shukan Bunshun, and Shukan Shincho as well.


In February, 1975, the first Hoshi Matsuri Daisaitogomaku (large-scale goma (holy fire) performed in the field) was held.

In February, 1981, the number of gomadan (an altar for the fire ceremony) became two, and the event came to be called Hosho Gedatsu (deliverance from earthly bondage) Daisaitogomaku.

In February, 1988, "Hoshi Matsuri" was broadcasted live by communication satellite to head offices of Agon sect across the country.

In February, 1994, the event came to be called Shinbutsu Ryokai (two realms of Shinto and Buddhism) Daisaitogomaku.

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